Bahfamsn Fragrance


Image of Berinchang

In the mist-laden valleys of Cameron Highlands, while living here couples of weeks, captivated by the lush landscapes, embarks on a fragrant journey. Inspired by the crispness of citruses under the morning sun, the soothing aroma of Lavandula Hybrida dancing in the breeze, and the delicate essence of Cameron Highland lavender, Bahfamsn crafts a perfume that embodies the spirit of the highlands.

Infusing out blend with the timeless elegance of French green lavender and the opulence of three Rose Otto and Rose de Mai, we adds a touch of Santal Album to evoke the earthiness of the forests. Yet, to capture the untamed wilderness, she introduces a hint of animalic musk, reminiscent of the creatures that roam the verdant slopes.

As the mist clears and the sun rises over the highlands, a fragrance that transports wearers to the beauty of Berinchang, where every scent tells a story of nature's embrace.

Olfactory Notes: Citrus,Lavandula Hybrida,Cameron highland lavender,French Green lavender ,Three Rose Otto,Rose De Mai,Santal Album and Animalic Musk.

Concentration : 25%