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Borneo Tea

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We created pineapple express accord where I used to smoke Pineapple Express strain, hashish, lemon haze and Hot Tea during spring back in Amsterdam with fellow Canadians. Instead of Hashish and Lemon Haze he chose Pineapple Express strain even though the actual Pineapple Express doesn’t smell like Pineapple at all. The inspiration and actual concept comes from the idea of Sabah Tea Garden. Which is the garden located at the mouth of Mount Kinabalu and it is a vast tea plantation surrounded by pristine rainforest in the cool mountain air. We’ve found that the comforting scent and aroma from the golden tea leaves and roses suit with the temperature drops. Absolutely this is the most enticing perfume to wear this autumn and winter or in a cool places.

Olfactory notes :

Pineapple Express Accord, Turkish Rose, Rose Otto, Jasmine, Sabah Tea Tinctured, Cedarwood, Ambergris, Amber and Musk.
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