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Image of Confection

Two individuals engaged in a debate. The topic in question? Coffee or the definition of what dessert coffee really is.

Their emotions grew as they sat across from each other and protected each other's opinions. The former self-proclaimed coffee aficionador firmly believes that any coffee-flavoured dessert, be it caramel or coffee-flavored cookies or ice cream, should be considered a dessert, and their argument is based on the assumption that coffee available, whatever its quality, was sufficient to justify the classification.

There was a second person opposed to this idea, a coffee purist. It was believed that dessert coffee should refer only to foods made primarily of coffee and tasted like sweet and velvety espresso or carefully brewed pours. For them, the essence of dessert is pure coffee flavor unadulterated by other ingredients.

and the debate continuous...

The notes : Almond, Juicy Apricot and Peach, Espresso,Steam Milk, Chocolate Cookies, Patchouli, Vanilla, and Amber Essence

Concentration : 20%