Bahfamsn Fragrance

Crimson Saffron

Image of Crimson Saffron

The fragrance began with the deep allure of the sweetness of red apple, black prune and the warmth of cognac, creating a foundation that was both mysterious and inviting, and the creamy embrace of coconut milk emerged, adding a touch of indulgence to the olfactory

Spices reminiscent of the aromatic spices found in Baba Nyonya cuisine, added a touch of exotic allure to the perfume. The essence of gula melaka, a traditional palm sugar, infused the air with its caramelized sweetness, while saffron lent a delicate floral note that captured the essence of the region's vibrant flora.

In the heart of Crimson Saffron, the fragrance bloomed with the timeless elegance of roses, their petals whispering tales of love and passion. The gentle embrace of musks added a sensual touch, while vanilla provided a comforting embrace that enveloped the senses.

As the perfume settled, a hint of woody notes emerged, leaving a lingering trail of sophistication and mystery. Each note harmonized perfectly, creating a fragrance that transported the wearer to a world of opulence and cultural fusion.

And so, as the aroma of Crimson Saffron, the Baba Nyonya culture thrived, its traditions and stories carried on the wings of this extraordinary perfume.

Notes: Red Apple,Black Prune,Cognac
Cinnamon,Cardamom,Saffron, Coconut Milk
and Rose,Gula melaka(palmsugar),
Auratouch, Patchouli, Vanila,Cedarwood, Sandalwood.

Concentration : 20%