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I Found Lemon in Desaru

Image of I Found Lemon in Desaru

The actual concept and inspiration: Before I started planning to create this ocean scent, I took inspiration from my hometown which is Sabah is one of the state in Malaysia and located on the Borneo archipelago that surrounded by ocean and sea. A fascinating exploration of myjourneyofscents, at the beginning it is the inspiration from the four elements that is earth, fire, air and water. I made it and had fallen in love with that ocean scent . It may sound funny and weird but nothing is awkward in exploration the journey in perfumery that you have the passion. You can create a perfume and make it for your own self. So it happened and I decide make it for myself.

I made another similar scent for the business but i took the inspiration from where I reside now which is Johor Bahru, Johor a state located in Southern Malaysia. There is one known Coast destination in Johor which is Desaru Coast. It is a destination resort that offers an amusement waterpark and beach activities.

I Found Lemon in Desaru takes inspiration from the freshness of the breeze from the sea and it takes you to the beautiful windswept shore, where you can finally breathe deeply. It is also a story where I found a lemon that was stranded after being hit by waves. I took and smell the lemon and it drawn me to different types of smell and evoke different memories. As we mentioned that we create and make perfume from the various inspiration and it could come directly from our personal experience.

Bergamot, Pineapple, and Lemon

Lavender, Rose, Aldehyde, Helional

Amber, Ozonic, Musk, Salt, Cedar

Concentration : 20%